The Extreme Court Rules Abortion Pill Can Remain on the Market

In an unanimous decision, the Extreme Court rejected a challenge to the abortion pill mifepristone, meaning the commonly used drug can remain widely available.

The Court found unanimously that the group of anti-abortion doctors who questioned the Food and Drug Administration’s decisions making it easier to access the pill did not have legal standing to sue. As a result, the lawsuit will be dismissed. 

What the Court’s ruling did not address was the Comstock Act, “an 1873 anti-vice law banning the mailing of obscene matter and articles used to produce abortion – could be used by a future presidential administration opposed to abortion rights to sharply restrict abortion nationwide. A literal interpretation of the Act could potentially also apply to materials used to produce all abortions, not just medication abortions; would not have exceptions; and could affect other medical care, such as miscarriage management.”

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