TFG’s Detroit Appearances Keep Getting More Disgusting: “White Boy Summer!”

Nothing Screams "Alpha Male" Like a Pink Flag and Pink Hats!

After appearing to a mostly white audience at the 180 Church, a black church in Detroit, The Felon Guy took his hate filled bullshit to Turning Point USA’s “People Convention.” During the event, Neo-Nazi “Jack Posobiec and a TPUSA staffer walked out on stage and unfurled a “White Boy Summer” flag and threw out hats with the same slogan.”

The phrase comes from a 2021 song released by Chet Hanks which was a repose to Megan the Stallion’s 2019 song, “Hot Girl Summer.” Hanks was criticized for cultural appropriation for his song and accompanying music video.

White Supremacists have adopted the phrase to push their hate and racist beliefs. The slogan has been used by the grouper movement led by white nationalist Nick Fuentes, by the extremist Proud Boys, and various subhumans that frequent MAGAt infested shitholes.

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