Witness Tells Ethics Committee That Matt Gaetz Paid Her For Sex

A new report from ABC News reveals that the House Ethics Committee investigators have been told by one witness, not identified by ABC News, that she was paid for sex by Rep. Matt Gaetz.

At least half a dozen women have interviewed with the Ethics Committee investigators. Those women have allegedly attended parties where Gaetz was present, and were paid by Gaetz’s friend Joel Greenberg. Greenberg is serving 11 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges including sex trafficking a minor and introducing the minor to other “adult men.”

Some witnesses have agreed to cooperate, while others have been subpoenaed by the committee. The women have been shown Venmo receipts received from Gaetz, and have been asked whether the payments were for sex. Some of the women are saying they were paid to be present at the parties where sex and drugs were present, along with Gaetz’s presence.

The Ethics Committee has also been asking questions about a party in 2017. The committee obtained a sworn statement from a woman who said she attended the party in Florida that Gaetz also attended, sources said. Multiple witnesses have also told the committee that they saw Gaetz engage in illicit drug use at parties, sources said.

The DOJ is still resisting turning over records of their own probe into Gaetz.

The Justice Department informed Gaetz in 2023 that it was declining to bring charges against him.

According to the ABC sources, the committee has obtained the Venmo receipts from a subpoena to the company, while the media focused on Joel Greenberg’s Venmo receipts during the DOJ investigation.

Gaetz’s response has been to point toward “total exoneration” and a witch-hunt by Kevin McCarthy, while previously denying all allegations as “someone is trying to recategorize my generosity to ex-girlfriends as something more untoward.”