Christofascism Comes to Louisiana: Gov. Signs Bill that Requires 10 Commandments Displayed in ALL Public Schools

On Wednesday, Gov. Jeff Landry (R)  of the great state of Louisiana signed into law a bill that requires public classroom to display the Ten Commandments, which challenges the First Amendment’s separation between church and state clause. Unfortunately, many of the Fundie Freak/Theocratic Fascist who support this stomping on our Constitution pick and choose the Commandments they follow and ignore the rest; the biggest being adultery, lying, greed, etc…

“This bill mandates the display of the Ten Commandments in every classroom — public elementary, secondary and post-education schools — in the state of Louisiana, because if you want to respect the rule of law, you’ve got to start from the original lawgiver, which was Moses,” Landry said at a bill-signing ceremony.

Critics vowed to challenge the law in court, calling it unconstitutional and warning that it will lead to religious coercion of students.

“The First Amendment promises that we all get to decide for ourselves what religious beliefs, if any, to hold and practice, without pressure from the government,” the Louisiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and other groups said in a joint statement Wednesday. “Politicians have no business imposing their preferred religious doctrine on students and families in public schools.”

Landry has signaled that he welcomes the fight.

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