Stuck in Space: NASA delays Astronauts return home on Boeing Starliner repeatedly. Why?

The two NASA astronauts who flew Boeing’s Starliner capsule to the space station this month have been in orbit longer than anticipated — and will stay there for now. (NBC)

Per NBC: NASA states the reasons for the delays are adjustments to the spacecraft’s propulsion system which has a slow helium leak — something mission managers knew about prior to launch. At the time, they said it was unlikely to affect the test flight or the safety of the astronauts, but four additional helium leaks were detected once the spacecraft reached orbit.

As the Starliner craft neared the space station on June 6, five of its thrusters also malfunctioned, delaying the final approach by just over an hour. Officials at NASA and Boeing said they are continuing to monitor these issues as they plan  for the capsule’s return.