Live Discussion: 2024’s First Presidential Debate

Join News Views for a Live Discussion on our first presidential debate. You can watch the the debate on the video posted below OR—turn on your favorite news channel/or live feed. Even though CNN will host tonight’s debate, all networks will broadcast it.

The only thing I request is that you do not post any videos; they distract from the conversation and bog down loading of the comments’ section. Feel free to post any live fact checking you might run across but make sure you cite it and I know I don’t have to remind anyone what News Views considers as credible sources. In other words, we do not accept far right shitholes as credible sources!

You can also post stuff you find on X or something interesting relating to the debate you found elsewhere. Feel free to post a meme or gif as long as it relates to the debate. Just don’t spam up the place with a ton of memes or gifs.

The debate will begin at 9 p.m. EDT/ 6 p.m. PDT on Thursday, June 27. 


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