MAGAt Judge Cannon Rejects The Felon Guy’s Claims FBI Botched Mar-a-Lago Search; Grants Evidentiary Hearing on Other Matters

Judge Aileen Cannon rejected claims Thursday from former President Trump that law enforcement misled the court in order to search Mar-a-Lago but kept alive other bids by the former president seeking to limit the use of key evidence, scheduling additional hearings in the dragging case.

Cannon rejected Trump’s request for a “Franks hearing” to review whether prosecutors made any false statements or omissions in crafting the warrant, determining Trump had not met the bar for additional examination.

Upon full review, and for the reasons stated below, the Motion is DENIED as to the request for a Franks hearing because Defendant Trump has not made the requisite “substantial preliminary showing” that the affidavit in support of the Mar-a-Lago search warrant contains any material false statements or  omissions. 

As part of her ruling, Cannon also said Trump’s defense lawyers were entitled to a hearing on whether prosecutors had misused statements by one of Trump’s former lawyers.

Cannon said she would shortly issue a separate order on when she will hear those issues in court.

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