“Lock Him Up” Day For Steve Bannon

The MAGA warrior general is reporting to prison, and carrying out one more podcast before he disappears for four months.

That means it’s finally bath day for Steve Bannon.

As one last act of defiance by MAGA’s filthiest animal, Bannon is providing the cult with his last podcast for the next four months.

He will be broadcasting his last two hours outside his future home in Danbury, Connecticut, until November, and then handing the mic over to Marjorie Taylor Greene and her boyfriend Brian Glenn.

While Bannon serves four months as a self-described “political prisoner,” there will be a lineup of fellow MAGAs to spread the MAGA fake news until his return, claiming his “War Room” podcast will only get biglier and better in his absence.

Those enlisted to carry on include Andrew Giuliani, Bannon's daughter Maureen, Jeffrey Clark from the Trump DOJ, Peter Navarro (whose sentence ends on July 17), and Noor bin Laden, the niece of Osama bin Laden, who is known for her belief in conspiracy theories.

“This is a big political blow,” said Mike Davis, a former congressional aide and lawyer who has become one of Mr. Trump’s top surrogates on legal issues. “Steve Bannon is by far the intellectual leader and the general for the MAGA movement and can’t be replaced.”


Bannon claims he will not be calling in to his podcast during his incarceration, and encourages his followers to not send fan mail.

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