SCOTUS: TFG Does Have Some Immunity—A lot of Immunity

  • The Supreme Court ruled that former President Donald Trump has some immunity from prosecution in his federal election interference case. The decision, which is complex, further delays special counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution.
  • The court’s liberal justices issued blistering dissents of the majority opinion. In her dissent, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson said the ruling “breaks new and dangerous ground.”
  • The court handed down two other decisions first, one on Republican-backed state laws seeking to regulate social media platforms and the other on when companies can challenge federal agency rule-making. 
  • Chief Justice John Roberts said Friday that today would be the last day of rulings in the current term.


The Supreme Court says presidents have “absolute” immunity for clearly official acts, but no immunity for unofficial acts. Former president and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump faces four federal felony counts in D.C. for allegedly trying to undo Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory. The high court’s 6-3 ruling sends the case back to the lower court to determine when and whether Trump will go to trial.  Show more

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