FLOTUS Dr. Jill Makes Another Vogue Cover

First Lady Jill Biden is on the cover of Vogue and standing firmly by her man, by his side and on the campaign trail.

Dr. Biden appears in a cream-colored Ralph Lauren silk tuxedo dress on the August issue’s cover

The fashion magazine’s profile of the First Lady was written before the debate as the writer, Maya Singer, followed Dr. Jill on the campaign trail in Minnesota during April.

When Vogue reached out for comment following the debate, Dr. Jill remained solidly behind Joe.

She told the magazine that they “will not let those 90 minutes define the four years he’s been president. We will continue to fight.”

In the Vogue interview, the first lady struck a hopeful chord, but warned against the polarization that has split the country. “We don’t need more chaos,” she said. “Fundamentally, Americans care about each other. And this anger and animosity and divisiveness… it’s not who we are. We’re good people.”

At a rally with Minnesota’s Women for Biden, Dr. Jill addressed a crowd of about 200 at a brewery:

“We are the first generation in half a century to give our daughters a country with fewer rights than we had,” she tells the Women for Biden crowd a few minutes later. “Book bans. Voting laws gutted. Court decisions that strip away our most basic freedoms. But circumstance is not destiny.” The women here are fighting mad. Nice, Midwestern ladies, all of them, but gurgling away inside like those brewing vats—only with righteous fury, instead of beer. That’s what the Biden-Harris campaign is counting on: “We will decide our future,” the first lady tells them. Women gave Joe Biden his margin of victory in 2020, and since the Dobbs decision was handed down by the Supreme Court in June 2022, overturning Roe v. Wade, women have proved the decisive bulwark against this country’s reactionary forces, passing state ballot measures and constitutional amendments enshrining their reproductive rights, and helping limit Republicans’ midterm gains to a vanishingly narrow majority in the House. “When our bodies are on the line, when our daughters’ futures are at stake, when our country and its freedom hang in the balance, we are immovable and unstoppable,” the first lady continues, ramping up to a crescendo. “It’s time we show them, once again, just what we can do!”


The Vogue writer goes on about Dr. Biden living two lives, one as FLOTUS, and the other as a teacher, noting that it’s a “monumental big deal that our current first lady makes a point of exiting that bubble twice a week to inhabit the America where the rest of us live.”

So, today, a kid I haven’t seen in three weeks, he comes in to take the final essay, and he says, ‘Dr. B, can I talk to you after class?’ And I say, ‘Sure.’ ” A few days later, back in DC, the first lady is recounting an anecdote about her morning at NOVA. “Well, I knew why he hadn’t been in class,” she continues, explaining that the student in question had recently lost his mother. “He probably hasn’t been able to get out of bed. And I said, ‘I wish you would have called me, because there is help.’ And he said, ‘Well, I need help.’ So now I’m scrambling to find help for him.”

(*I think most people would enjoy the read if you have the time.)

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