RFK Jr. Declines Comment About Sexual Assault, But Denies Eating Dog

"I Am Not a (Kook) Church Boy"

Robert Kennedy Jr. (I-idiot), independent Presidential candidate, described a Vanity Fair article as “a lot of garbage” in response to allegations that he sexually assaulted a former family babysitter, as well as posed in a picture with a barbecued dog.

A lot to unpack.

First, Vanity Fair reported on allegations that Kennedy had groped Eliza Cooney, a recent college graduate hired as a part-time babysitter for his children and to assist him with his environmental law work. She was 23 years old at the time.

Cooney, now 48, says she documented some of her experiences in a diary, in which she reports Kennedy felt her leg under a table, asked him to put lotion on his naked back, and blocked and groped her inside a kitchen pantry, putting his hands on her hips and sliding them up along her ribcage to her breasts.

During a Breaking Points podcast, Kennedy refused to comment on the sexual assault allegations.

While refusing to deny sexual assault allegations, Kennedy also faced hard questions from Fox News about a photo of him with a barbecued carcass. Kennedy denied he was posing with a dog carcass, stating that it was a goat in Patagonia. Kennedy had joked about the photo with a friend that he might enjoy dog on the menu while the friend was in Korea.

Kennedy also accused the Democratic Party of distributing hit pieces on him to destroy his brainworm candidacy, but also said that although he was committed to running for president as an independent, “the best path for me to the White House is through the Democratic Party”.


Potential paywall to the Vanity Fair article here.