Do Not Believe a Pathological Liar: The Orange Ass Claims He Knows Nothing About Project 2025

In his latest lie to gaslight the American voters and keep his Orange Ass out of prison, The Felon Guy posted on his “Truth” Social media site that he has no clue about project 2025 and disavowed any association with it. He has lied, once again, to the American people. He’s all in with the extreme rights’ vision for our country and it is not pretty, unless you support fascism, dictators, and the loss of liberty and freedom.

In his post today, Trump claims that he doesn’t know anything about the controversial program or the architect behind it – Heritage President Kevin Roberts. Except that Roberts himself described the plan as perminantly “institutionalizing Trumpism.” Trump loyalist and Senior Advisor John McEntee has been directly involved in the project.

Project 2025: When Fascism Comes to the USA

  • Originated from the Heritage Foundation.
  • Will radically transform the government of the United States behind a stronger executive.
  • Proposes to fire tens of thousands of career civil servants by reclassifying them as political appointees.
  • This would allow a Republican president to replace them with science denying, ignorant, and racist right-wing political hacks. 
  • Christofascism overtones throughout their proposals.
  • Erosion of the separation of church and state.
  • The plan calls for the president to take more direct partisan control of federal agencies such as DOJ, FBI and Homeland Security.
  • Presumably this would allow presidents to use (WEAPONIZE) the power of the federal government against their political enemies.
  • It also calls for the Department of Education to be abolished.
  • Undo progress in social areas over the decades on gay marriage, contraception and abortion access, and terminating DEI programs.
  • Recommends the immediate mass deportations of migrants and their families.
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