Is This the Axios Revenge Tour?

Welcome to today’s Head-to-Head examination of the media.

Here’s the lede in one of the latest (today’s) mainstream media narratives in the latest threat to our democracy, this one is from Axios:

We're now in uncharted, historic waters: President Biden — backed by first lady Jill Biden and his convicted son, Hunter, who's serving as de facto gatekeeper for longtime friends — says that nothing, besides an act of God, will persuade him to quit his re-election campaign.

The article goes on to discuss the “fast-growing number of Democrats” who are praying for an intervention.

Democratic lawmakers have gone from shock, to sadness, to madness since the debate 10 days ago. These Democrats, further deflated by Biden’s high-stakes ABC interview, believe there’s nothing he can do to reverse the damage — or his aging.

The article says we should not be fooled by the fact that only 5 of 213 House Democrats have called for Biden to quit, because blah, Blah, BLAH.

This from the same team of Axios writers on Saturday:

Again, the lede:

President Biden has lost more than broad Democratic support since his bad debate. He has bled credibility — with the media, lawmakers, top officials and even his own paid staff.

Axios goes on to explain.

Axios’ Alex Thompson, the most deeply sourced reporter on the Biden beat, has chronicled, day after day, the number of longtime staff and top Democratic officials who feel deeply angry and misled. These are the president’s fans, many on his payroll.

More blah-blah-blah, whitewashing their sources, calling out lawmakers and top Democrats who claim to have felt misled to believe Biden was sharper than he appeared during the debate.

But then the cat comes out of the bag:

The media might be Biden’s biggest problem of all. It is a fair conservative critique that many reporters ignored obvious signs of cognitive decline. Yes, there are exceptions: Axios, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Axios also goes on to throw VP Kamala Harris under their bus of ambiguity, questioning what is on her mind as she speaks to a crowd at Essence Fest, a cultural gathering for Black women.

…Harris is still the picture of a woman with her next move unclear.

Whether it’ll be a sidestep into the wings or to take her to centerstage, she remains in a position every woman knows well: Waiting on an older white man to make a decision.

… she stopped short of asking for support for Biden by name.

What say you, News Viewers? Is this the new division the media is selling, or have they all turned MAGA?