Gunman killed by Rangers at Yellowstone Park July 4 told hostage he planned a Mass Shooting

The July 4 shooting at Yellowstone National Park, a shooting which resulted in the gunman dead and a Ranger wounded, was planned to be a mass shooting by the gunman. This information was reported by the woman who was held at gunpoint by Samson Fussman, from Milton, Florida, who worked in concessions at the park.

AP News reports that a woman called Park Rangers after midnight on July 4 reporting she’d been held at gunpoint by a man planning to attack during July 4 activities. Rangers spent the next several hours trying to find the gunman; he was located outside a dining area of Xanterra Parks and Resorts, with 200 people inside. The gunman, Samson Fussner, an summer employee of the privately owned resort operating in Yellowstone, shot a barrage of bullets with a semi-automatic rifle at a service entrance.

In a press release printed by the Daily Montanan, it was noted: “During an exchange of gunfire, Fussner was shot by law enforcement rangers”.

AP notes it took 8 hours to locate Fussner after receiving the midnight 911 call as Rangers and other Law Enforcement fanned out to protect populated areas from an armed and dangerous gunman. Fussner showed up at the Xanterra resort and began shooting at about 8 a.m. One Ranger was wounded in the crossfire.

The park did not respond to an emailed question about the number of times Fussner was shot: “The incident is still under investigation, and we have no additional information to share at this time.” Additional rangers with emergency medical training rendered aid to the injured law enforcement ranger and Fussner. Fussner died at the scene, the park said.”

NPS.Gov has updated information : The injured law enforcement ranger was transported to an area hospital in stable condition and has since been released. No other physical injuries were reported.

According to AP reports, Fussner’s Facebook page gives no hints into motivation or mood; he appeared proud to be working at the park according to pictures (which seldom tell the whole story)

Guess where Fussner’s wannabe gov was at the same time?