MAGA Cult Loves Barron for President 2044

Barron Trump had a front row seat with the family at a Miami rally on Tuesday, and was introduced by Daddy Trump. Right on cue, Barron was cheered by the MAGA cult, as he stood and waved.

Daddy Trump even suggested that Barron might be more popular than Don Jr. or Eric.

And just like that, before Barron Trump even utters a word in public, the cult wants to annoint him as the Jesus/Trump-in-waiting.

Barron had a front-row reserved seat at Trump’s rally at his Miami Doral golf course yesterday while Melania was in NYC. This could signal a desire for the now-18 year old recent high school graduate to separate himself a little from his very protective mom. Hard to say at this point, but he has been a lot more visible in public over the past couple of months than at any time previously.


First there was a rescinded decision for Barron to participate as a Florida delegate at the Republican Convention, and after the debate, a Barron spotting with Daddy in the golf cart as the elder trashed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Of course, Barron hasn’t said anything to be worthy of criticism as we know very little about him or his politics. But the MAGAts are fascinated, and apparently enthralled with another very young Trump in their flock.

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