Lauren Boebert Muses About Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert weighed in on the discussion about Joe Biden’s mental fitness on Thursday morning with a post on X.

The photos, taken between January 2021 and October 2022, show the president receiving the first two doses of the Covid vaccine and two booster shots.

Boebert posted the conspiracy theory that lacks any semblance of evidence that Covid-19 vaccines caused any mental or physical decline in patients that received them.

Instead, the conspiracy theory aligned with a misinformation campaign that caused millions of people to forego getting vaccinated against the disease, which experts estimate caused millions of people to suffer and/or die needlessly during the pandemic.

A recent study published in the The New England Journal of Medicine found that while cognitive and memory impairment have been reported by those who have been infected with COVID-19 or who are suffering from long Covid, those who were vaccinated experienced less cognitive symptoms than those who were not.