2020 Elections

Opinion: Can Bernie Beat Trump?

Can Bernie win? It’s the 270-electoral vote question. The #1 Democratic issue this year is beating Trump. While Barry Goldwater and George McGovern are examples of ideologically extreme candidates badly positioned to win over swing MORE


The Deep State Hit List

Over the last 18 months, the White House and allies have compiled a list of disloyalists to oust along with the pro-Trump list of replacements, according to more than a dozen sources who talked to MORE


Coronavirus Hits Italy

The coronavirus has hit Italy with alarming speed, with case numbers expanding to over 200 in a matter of days in the northern region and spreading. Officials are unsure how the virus reached the country, MORE


Barr Tells People He Might Resign

Attorney General Billy Barr has reportedly told some people that he may quit his post over Trump’s tweeting about Department of Justice matters, an administration official told the Associated Press. The administration official requested anonymity MORE