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Biden Delivers Remarks on Economic Recovery Plan

July 9, 2020 PMSwithESP

Join in for live remarks from VP Joe Biden as he delivers a speech in Pennsylvania unveiling his economic agenda, detailing a proposal to use government purchasing for manufacturing in sectors such as clean energy, infrastructure and MORE

Live Discussions

Trump holds a press briefing

July 2, 2020 Ms. G

The White House just announced Trump will hold a last-minute press briefing at 9:30 am EDT. It’s his first public event all week.

Live Discussions

The Coronavirus Warriors press briefing: 6-2-20

June 26, 2020 Ms. G

Join News Views for a Live Discussion on the Coronavirus Task Force briefing. This will be the first briefing in months. More than likely, the Warriors will begin their briefing late, as usual, but allegedly, they scheduled for 12:30 MORE