Infrastructure Week is a Big Fat Joke — But is it Funny?

August 12, 2019 forkless

Early in the Trump Administration, the go-to distraction when some plan had gone awry was to announce that next week was “Infrastructure Week,” when experts and stakeholders would come together at the White House and apply their collective brainpower to the problem of America’s crumbling infrastructure. MORE


DOW dips below 26,000

August 12, 2019 Ms. G

The DOW closed at 25,896 today falling 391 points and slipping once again below 26,000. Last Friday and today have seen the market trend towards a sell off pattern wiping out any gains of recovery MORE


WANTED: Volunteer columnists

August 11, 2019 forkless

While we work to allow people to submit articles to News Views, we also need some volunteer columnists who want to hone their current or future writing skills and be willing to write their own MORE