Marjorie Taylor Greene: Satan Hates Women Because He Can’t Have Babies ‼️


Marjorie Taylor Greene, speaking at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit.

“Ladies, you have a great enemy and it hates you because of who you are. Because you’re a woman. You see, if you pay close attention to scripture, all the way back in Genesis, it talks about the creation of everything we see, know, feel, hear, everything that exists.

And it talks about the creation of man and woman. And in Genesis, the bible tells us that God created us, man and woman, in his image he created us. And when God noticed that man was lonely, he took a rib from the man, Adam, and created woman.

Now, woman was different than man. Woman was not the same. Human, yes, but different in amazing ways. Woman Eve, she’s beautiful, absolutely stunning. Satan, known to be a fallen angel, he was known to be beautiful as well. That was the thing about him.

Beautiful Mitochondrial Eve: The Mother of All Human Beings

And that’s what gave him all the pride within himself, is he wanted to be the most beautiful one. That’s why Satan hates you. There’s another reason why Satan hates women, is because women can do something Satan cannot do, and he wants to be able to do.

Satan cannot create life, but women can.” 


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