Welcome to the new NEWS VIEWS ONLINE. We have updated our Community Guidelines to reflect our new adventure. First, I want to welcome everyone and thank you for your support. News Views Online supports all views and political affiliations but we lean left on the political spectrum. If you have issues with left leaning views, we might not be the forum for you.

News Views Online has several rules to help maintain and continue our lively discussions. We strive for civility and respect for one another. How you deliver your comment will determine its longevity and your standing in our Community.

We do not allow name calling, personal attacks, harassing others–including harassing our moderators, nor do we allow comments meant solely to provoke others. We also will not tolerate any form of threats of violence to anyone–president, elected officials, or members of our Community—NO ONE, and that includes comments referring to prison rape. Don’t even post something you might find funny but others could perceive as a threat.

We also do not allow any forms of racism, bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism or any hate in general. Calling out the Israeli government might offend those that support it but News Views Online will not consider comments calling them out as anti-Semitic. Refrain from using or repeating the N word even in jest or to make a point.

We will not provide a platform for the Alt-Right, White Nationalists/Supremacists/Nazis of the world. We will ban you right on the spot, without warning. Also, we will not entertain nor provide a platform for the #WalkAway, Proud Boys, Patriot Prayers, QAnon, or any group the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a Hate Group.


 We request you have an identifiable name and not use your Disqus username/code.

◼ Please keep your comments on topic and/or within the realm of the topic. Friendly banter between members of our Community is completely acceptable but try to keep it to a minimum. If a moderator intervenes for whatever reason, don’t argue; just get back on topic and follow the moderator’s suggestion(s). If the discussion gets too heated and a moderator asks you to separate or block another CM, do so and without arguing. However, do not block moderators on our channel; we will ban you.

Stay on topic — If the topic is Trump, don’t go off on: “Well Obama or Biden did _______________ (fill in the blank). Barack Obama is no longer president and unless the topic is about Obama, don’t bring him into it…same with the Clintons, Eric Holder, or whatever other person that isn’t the topic. Refrain from the “bothsideisms;” they won’t work.

YOU must provide facts/evidence from a credible source(s) when asked to substantiate your claim. YOU don’t get to tell the other person to “Google” your claim. Do not derail the discussion arguing with people when you cannot provide credible evidence to substantiate your claim(s). Failure to provide a link to a credible source runs the risk of a moderator deleting your comment.

DO NOT post any unproven cures, claims, misinformation on the vaccines, conspiratory theories, etc. regarding the deadly Coronavirus, COVID-19. We will delete your comment, issue you a cease and desist warning, and if it continues, ban you. This isn’t up for debate.

We will delete any and all Russian propaganda and unverified/unproven claims relating to the war in Ukraine. In other words, we will not provide a platform for Putin’s Puppets; we will ban you.

◼ Comments that use any form of “tard” (retarded, conservatard, libtard, etc..) will get deleted. Disqus has also added several words that we find offensive and if you use them, your comment will go to “pending”—-by choice and design.

◼ The Wall of Text is never acceptable. Post a link to a credible source.

◼ Posting gifs, memes, tweets are acceptable but please do not post the same ones repeatedly. That is SPAMMING and will get removed. Keep your gifs/memes, tweets, etc within the realm of the topic—not off topic or highly offensive. Don’t hijack the discussion with your gifs/memes/videos.

Videos: Please use them only and sparingly on Free Chat style threads, unless the open thread pertains to music, movies, etc…then feel free to post songs, trailers, clips from your favorite comedian, or something you want to share. But, do not SPAM up the thread. Scrolling through a ton of videos is annoying because they can load slowly and bog down the commenting section.

Live Discussions: Please do not post any videos. We ask that you limit the gifs and memes as well because most of our Live Discussions generate a lot of comments and we want to read what people have to say, not scroll through a lot of other stuff. Post only gifs and memes pertaining to the Live Discussion’s topic. Posting clips from X (Twitter), especially real-time Fact Checking, is completely acceptable and encouraged. Links to a credible fact checking site in conjunction with your comment works as well.

 Refrain from repeating the same comment because it can be considered SPAM.

◼ No trolling. If you’ve come to News Views Online just to annoy and harass people, we’ll show you the door. Derailing the conversation to make it about you and your issues will also get the boot.

Don’t be a serial downvoter! Attack someone’s comment but not the person. If you choose to go on a downvoting spree, you run the risk of one of us banning you. We will not tolerate that nonsense. However, trolls deserve several downvotes and will get them before one of us shows them the door.

◼ No promoting your’s or others’ blog, videos, website, etc..without consulting and receiving permission from one of our moderators.

Refrain from unproven and/or debunked conspiracy theories. We don’t support ‘Truther’ BS regarding 9/11, False Flag/Crisis Actors BS pertaining to Sandy Hook or any other mass shootings. Just don’t; we’re not into it nor we will provide a platform for you to spew BS.

Religion/Beliefs (or lack thereof): Please do not attack others for their personal beliefs or lack thereof. Attacking organized religion is one thing but we don’t attack others. We’re NOT a religion forum. We do have discussions about religious leaders but please refrain from quoting Scripture and proselytizing.

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Last updated: 2024/03/12-gm