Durian batteries‽

March 7, 2020 Community Submission

The ubiquity in the modern world of consumer electronics has created a corresponding demand for better super-capacitors for energy storage, thereby enabling rapid charging for our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and electric cars. But the MORE


Partial Success for India’s Moon Landing

September 7, 2019 Clancy

An ancient world leader in astronomy tried yesterday to land a robotic spacecraft near the moon’s south pole, but lost contact with the lander 2.1 km (1.3 miles) above the lunar surface. So far only MORE


Back in Black: 2020 BMW X6 in Vantablack

August 31, 2019 Clancy

CNET’s Roadshow reports that the third-generation BMW X6 release at the Frankfurt Motor Show may be a little hard to see. The car is spray-coated in Vantablack, a substance that holds the world record as MORE


AI’s Teaching Empathy to Humans

August 26, 2019 Rachel Kennedy

Humana Pharmacy has deployed an artificial intelligence system in its call centers that gives the human employees gentle nudges to be more empathetic with customers. . . . The algorithm, built by the AI development MORE