Last Call

Last Call: 9-19-20

September 19, 2020 Ms. G

44 days, amicos!!! 44 days and We the People get our ONLY CHANCE to save democracy, our country from fascism, and to kick that Orange Sociopath the hell out of The People’s House. Get registered, MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 9-12-20

September 12, 2020 Ms. G

Live from smokey, haze crazed California! Yes, the air quality is a putrid 200 AQI where I live; San Francisco comes in 201 AQI. We were supposed to walk down the street to a local MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 9-5-20

September 5, 2020 Ms. G

We’re getting there!!! Just looked at our Election Ticker and 59 MORE DAYS!!!! Get out the vote and get Trump the hell out of here, please. This Day in Trump’s America: Louisville, Kentucky. “You a MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 8-29-20

August 29, 2020 Ms. G

Huh, I just pulled up last week’s episode of Last Call and realized I screwed up the date and no one noticed??? You guys aren’t on your game; you usually notice every typo I make; MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 8-23-20

August 22, 2020 Ms. G

So, CA’s relentless and crippling heat has returned (well, it really never left) and the state is still on fire. We’re all staying indoors, with the AC blasting, because the air is filled with smoke MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 8-15-20

August 15, 2020 Ms. G

Rachel may have posted about California’s crippling and disgusting heatwave, but those of us call the state home are living it and it sucks. I believe around noon, we hit 104 degrees with clouds, humidity, MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 8-08-20

August 8, 2020 Ms. G

What a week. We now have over 162K dead Americans from the Trumpvirus. Hopefully, we will vote him out of the People’s House in 86 days regardless of how hard he and other GOPers work MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 8-01-20

August 1, 2020 Ms. G

Wow–it’s August already. Good! It just means we’re closer to the General Election. In fact, we’re 93 days out and the incompetent, reckless, dangerous, and racist ass needs to go! It also means, 2020 has MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 100 Days and Counting

July 25, 2020 Ms. G

Yes, today marks 100 days until the General Election and our only hope in saving democracy and getting the Racist in Chief, the incompetent buffoon, the ORANGE ASS, the hell outta the PEOPLE’s House. I MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 7-11-2020

July 11, 2020 Ms. G

114 days until the General Election and hopefully we can end this nightmare, the corruption, chaos, and work together to restore our country and get this pandemic under control. This is insane and it just gets MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 6-27-20

June 27, 2020 Ms. G

I’m just going to let you guys talk…just having a glass of wine and thinking about how I really do no want to cook dinner. Keep in mind, 128 days until the election and everyone MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 6-20-20

June 20, 2020 Ms. G

Yes, it’s summer. Summertime is here. Yes, it’s summer, NOT my time of year. Although, I am a summer baby, my husband is a summer baby, my youngest son is a summer baby, I’m just MORE

Last Call

Last Call: June 6, 2020

June 6, 2020 Ms. G

After a week of peaceful protests and major looting and chaos, things have finally calmed down and seems (at this moment), peaceful. My city leaders just lifted our curfew and will send the National Guard MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 5-23-20

May 23, 2020 Ms. G

163 days until the General Election! Fired up and Ready to go? I am; anything to get that Orange Ass out of office. I’m making it short and sweet because I’m in the process of MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 05-16-20

May 16, 2020 Ms. G

Hopefully, the next 170 Days to the General Election fly by and we get the #WorstPresidentEver the hell on out of here. Seriously, vote. I just will make this short and sweet: Thanks for all MORE