Last Call

Last Call: 2-15-20

February 15, 2020 Ms. G

Good evening everyone! Hope all is well in your world. 1975-Linda Ronstadt finally breaks through when her album Heart Like a Wheel and single “You’re No Good” both hit #1 in America, establishing her as MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 2-8-20

February 8, 2020 Ms. G

What a week in news, huh? Now for a week in history. On this day in 1915, every racist and member of Cult 45’s favorite movie was released: I’m making this short and sweet tonight MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 2-1-20

February 1, 2020 Ms. G

2020 is officially one month old and the general election, the chance to kick Trump’s orange ass to the curb, is only 275 days away. After the Republican controlled Senate killed off Democracy as we MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 1-25-20

January 25, 2020 Ms. G

Good evening, members of Club Zero. Surfing around DisqusLand, it looks like several more people have lost their upvotes and others are losing what they still have at a fairly steady to rapid pace. So, MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 1-4-2020

January 4, 2020 Ms. G

Welcome to the first Last Call of the new year, 2020! Now that things have settled down some after the holidays, it’s back to business. A few Disqus bullshit issues that have yet to get MORE

Last Call

Last Call 12-28-19

December 28, 2019 Ms. G

Tonight is our last Last Call for both the year and decade. I hope the new year brings everyone good health, much happiness, and a new president. The wildest political moments of 2019: A look MORE

Last Call

Last Call 12-21-19

December 21, 2019 Ms. G

Happy Holidays, News Viewers, and Merry Impeachment! Yes, the Orange Ass is impeached and will wear that label for the rest of his miserable life. Our great grandchildren will learn that Donald J. Trump became MORE

Last Call

Last Call-12-14-19

December 14, 2019 Ms. G

Good evening, everyone. I really am going to make this short and sweet because busy, busy, busy, and ran out of time. As usual, thank you for your contributions; they’re really helping grow our website MORE

Last Call

Last Call-12-7-19

December 7, 2019 Ms. G

Good evening everyone! Just a quick thank you for all the recent community Submissions. I also want to apologize for a few delays we experienced in posting them. Please, keep them coming. Just make sure MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 11-23-19

November 23, 2019 Ms. G

Good evening everyone! Day 1038 of the #WorstPresidentEver and it wasn’t one of his better weeks; that’s for sure. We heard a bunch of testimony that pretty much sums it up: Trump abused his power, MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 11-16-19

November 16, 2019 Ms. G

Good evening everyone! Day 1031 of the #WorstPresidentEver administration and things do not look good for him. Unfortunately, the Senate won’t remove him from office; so, make sure you’re registered to vote and drag everyone MORE

Last Call

Last Call: 11-09-19

November 9, 2019 Ms. G

Good evening everyone! Day 1024 of the #WorstPresidentEver. We’re still standing but Trump’s getting impeached; unfortunately, not removed. We have some awesome energized bunnies out there submitting some good stuff; please keep it up. Today MORE

Last Call

Last Call-11-02-19

November 2, 2019 Ms. G

Day 1017 of the #WorstPresidentEver; we can just hope that he and his Cult go away and go away quickly. You guys are building an awesome community; we’re seeing some of our best days and MORE

Last Call

Last Call 10-26-19

October 26, 2019 Ms. G

Day 1010 of the Trump administration and we’re getting closer to full on, open to the public, impeachment hearings. We’ll definitely bring to you live the circus once it comes to town. Again, I want MORE

Last Call

Last Call 10-19-19

October 19, 2019 Ms. G

Day 1003 of the Trump administration and I sure hope it comes to an end soon. We’re still standing; unfortunately, some of our allies have seen better days, sad. Crimes against humanity? Right now, the MORE