Gym Jordan Pauses his Failed Bid to Become the Next Speaker of the 🤡 Clown House 🤡

Since Gym Jordan, the insurrectionist from Ohio, failed to secure the votes to become the next Speaker of the House, the House will reconvene for…who knows?

Editor’s Note:

Since writing this discussion but not publishing it, numerous news outlets have reported that Gym may not seek a third round of voting. What may happen is this:

Jordan is pausing his bid for now, but he remains the speaker designee and will reserve the option to hold a speaker vote at any time. Senior Democrats are supportive of the plan.

I have kept the video up to see if there are any announcements from the floor or if the House will vote to give Bowtie Boi more power or something that NO ONE knows if is even Constitutional. The chaos is expected to begin at 12 p.m. EDST/8 a.m. PDST.

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