Bans on the Disqus comment platform happen on two different levels:


These bans are issued by the moderation team of the News Views website. A warning dialogue below comment box will inform you that you have been banned by News Views in that instance.

We understand things can get a little heated from time to time and if you have calmed down a bit we are open in some instances to see if you can get reinstated. You can use the contact page and we will review your ban.

If we accidentally banned you because we mistook you for a spammer or a sock account also feel free to contact us.

Better yet though, if you just follow the Community Guidelines the chances of you not getting banned then will be astronomical.


Congratulations! You are the Crème de la Crème of the Internet, someone reported you via your profile page to Disqus and their support team have determined it was better for humanity to end your commenting efforts altogether.

This is generally reserved for the severest forms of hate speech, abuse, stalking, sharing content that showcases pedophilia, etcetera. Don’t expect a glowing letter of recommendation from us to Disqus to reinstate you in those instances. In fact, go fuck yourself. You got what you deserved.

How can you tell it was Disqus that banned me? It’s not rocket science, it will say DISQUS has banned you below the comment box when you try to engage in a comment.

And for the love of fucking god, don’t go to Discuss Disqus to moan about your ban, that channel is solely intended for Disqus platform support. You know, when you have technical difficulties with Disqus on your site. Nobody there will give a flying fuck about your ban, nor will do anything about it.

Last updated: 2019/08/26-ce