PSA: Disqus will nuke the channel system September 1, 2019

You know the idiom, “All good things must come to an end?” Well, today it proved true but many of us had our suspicions for a long time.

As many of you are aware, Disqus announced today that on September 1, 2019, they’re eliminating the Disqus system. But, because you guys did such an awesome job building, growing, and calling News Views home, we’ve started a website that will use Disqus as our commenting platform. Our IT Department is still designing and constructing it but, you can check out it’s progress by going HERE:

We’re not ready to part with something that we all enjoyed, worked hard to develop, brought numerous people together and actually to Disqus. Yeah, a few channels brought thousands of new users to the Disqus commenting platform and helped them out as well.

There will be some changes because we do not want to infringe on any copyrighted material so, we’ll have to write our own stuff and use pictures that are labeled or categorized to share. At first, only News Views moderators will have access to post discussions but that will change as we progress. Personally, I look forward to the new format because it’s what News Views used to do. It’s also easier than you think because…we will just summarize stuff that we find all over the interwebz into our own words and condense it, no longer the real long reads.

Please be patient with us through this transition but feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, or whatever and most importantly, help us grow-stick around!. Help us provide you with a place where we can all hang out and share a few laughs and maybe even some tears.

On the plus side, we will have less restraints in this new venture and hope to bring you more news clips from around the web vs. just Youtube, Twitter, and Vimeo that are the only few compatible with Disqus’ soon to be gone platform. We have many more opportunities to explore but, we’re still ‘under construction.’ However, you can comment. Yep, that’s working!

For the next month, —one month left here, folks—–we will post PSAs periodically to provide you with updates, etc. You will start noticing several of us trying to get in the habit using our new format for creating discussions.

Once we get the new ‘residence’ in order, we encourage you to tag one of us with an article or whatever you want to share and someone will put it up for you using our new format. I want to continue with our live discussions because we they’re awesome and so much fun.

Again, please feel free to comment and thank you. Thank you so much for all your support and contributions. We had a great four+ years!

***This discussion will also appear on our new site.


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