Free Chat Friday, Week 33

Happy Friday, News Viewers, this week was another surprising week in the United States! The project to rehabilitate the inner cities of Baltimore, Saint Louis, Detroit, New Orleans and Chicago was started this week, utilizing the newly passed “internship, education and living wage plan”; This test project is expected to be self sustaining within three years, supplying new housing, schools and local food sources.

Meanwhile, the latest Colony to settle on the newly refurbished “Plastic Island” in the Pacific Oceans former “gigantic plastic garbage patch,” have given it good reviews, saying the facilities are beautiful, though per one resident “it stinks like an old sock,” but is a small price to pay for space and affordable housing. Residents will live there experimentally for a year and report on its feasibility.

And let’s not forget (I mean, WHAT a fantastic week!) that the global initiative to EVOLVE past the practice of killing our own kind is making progress in the UN. President George Clooney has successfully gained the necessary signatures for the WWW Treaty and will deliver the speech, “War, Weapons and Whining–The Three W’s of Devolution” at the upcoming conference. Rumor has it he’ll be wearing a charcoal grey suit and ice blue tie with his hair all, you know, layered. . . .. . 😁😍

OH WAIT…… I’M thinking of some other week, some other United States, some other — Administration….OOPS! So Sorry–this week, well, was just A LITTLE different: no need to get lost in la-la land, none of us need to get depressed; we can just look at the posted editorial cartoons and pics and get an idea of the REAL Week 33. 🙂

Oh and what’s on your mind? Anything goes unless it doesn’t…. 🙂 whatcha got? :

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