Headlines: The Economy is Great, just ask Trump; but what does it mean?

We’ve all read it, unemployment is at historic lows and that wages are up. We read that GDP is increasing, the stock market is up, and every financial expert on TV is telling us how great the economy is. Never mind, the President himself, touting this as the greatest economy that the world has seen, ever, at any time, but for real US Americans. What does this really mean?

We know that 40% of US Americans can’t afford basic needs, like medical care, housing, or food. We know that 60% of US Americans couldn’t afford an unexpected expense of $1000, and lower that to $500, if only Millennials are taken into account.

Unlike in the past, continuing education is becoming un-affordable, and the cost of home ownership is sky rocketing, all the while retirees are claiming their standard of living is decreasing, while wealth inequality is at an all time high

Maybe, the way we’re measuring the economy is all wrong, and how we measure it only benefits the wealthiest among us.

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