PSA: Community Submissions

Happy Monday!

I want to thank those in our Community who have submitted articles; we really appreciate your efforts. However, I would like to address a few guidelines:

Like old News Views, please be mindful of your sources.  The same rules apply as before, which I will soon include in our Community Guidelines found before the commenting section on each article. 

  • Please do not use any far-right or far left sources, blogs, Fox ‘News’ Network, Breitbart, etc..It’s the same as before; nothing in that area has changed. 
  • No old news; please submit and article that is no more than 3-4 days old. 
  • Most importantly, NO FAKE NEWS. Satire is fine but NO FAKE NEWS.

What we have changed is formatting. 

First and Foremost: Do not cut and paste more than two paragraphs from your source.  If you choose to include more, you run the risk of not having your article posted.

Source your article. Somewhere in the body of your article, put a link to your source. 

For more information on Fair Use, please read the following links.

Before you submit your article, check out feed with the latest articles, to make sure someone hasn’t already submitted a similar article. Duplicates will be rejected.


I’m not going to get too hung up on quotes.  Quotes can be found pretty much anywhere: an article, video, audio, Twitter but if you use a quote, please make sure you blockquote. If you took the quote from another source than what you previously identified, add another link to your new source as well.  If the quote comes from a tweet, post the tweet.


Please keep your title short, sweet, concise, and to the point.  Do not include brackets, symbols, emojis, ellipsis, etc; use only words.  The brackets and ellipsis are unnecessary and the symbols, emojis, etc… they do not help people finding articles using the Google search engine. So please stick to regular alphanumeric characters and punctuation.


Please use them.  Do not submit a Wall of Text.  

Word Count:

You don’t need to submit a long article; it’s unnecessary because so many of us just scan the headlines and breeze through the text.  Keep it short but clear, concise, and free of misspellings and misuse of grammar and punctuation.  Before you hit submit, please proof it one last time.

News Views Editorial staff reserves the right to post all Live Discussions relating to upcoming debates, election coverage, Congressional hearings, and White House press conferences providing they resume.

 If it appears we might have missed putting up a Live Discussion and you would like to do so, please tag one of us and either remind us about the event or ask to post it.

Now a few words from forkless regarding images:

For us to process your submitted article as fast as possible the image accompanied with the article needs to be a specific size. Not having that specific size means someone needs to get the same or similar image and scale it to the proper proportions.

How do I scale my image to size?

This can be accomplished with a simple web based tool at

Make sure you have a landscape image that is at least 1030 pixels wide — Google Image search will allow you to filter for large images.

Step 1. Upload your article image to

Step 2. Set your selection to a fixed aspect ratio of 1030 pixels wide by 438 pixels high

Step 3. This will allow you to select a part of the image in the proper ratio dragging a frame over the image. Choose (1) Select, size the image frame on with your mouse (2) until you have the section of the image you want and press the Crop (3) button.

Step 4. Enter the width, 1030 pixels and height 438 again and make sure Keep Aspect Ratio is unticked.

Step 5. Select (1) Progressive compression, slide the slider (2) to Image quality 70% and press Resize Image (3)

ps. Make sure you set the image type to JPG or there will not be a slider for the image quality

Step 6. Pronto! Your image has been resized to the proper proportion and is now 20 times smaller than you started out with. How cool is that? Click the Download Image link to download the image.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comments’ section. We will try to address them as quickly as possible.

Happy posting and thanks on behalf of kittens everywhere!

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