Friday Chat Friday, Week 36

Fantasy vs Reality

Happy Friday, all — I’m calling today a holiday, a day off, a free day; after all, while the Leader of the Free World is obsessively occupied redrawing the map of Dorian and the American South, We the People might as well enjoy just living life, right?

The Orange One is firmly rooted in the land of “I’m right and you’re wrong” as he continues his righteous quest to convince his Haters that Alabama has been besieged by Dorian’s torrential winds and storms, a disaster the likes of which no one has ever seen. . .

While the Leader of the Free World is tilting at windmills today, “Alabama will be leveled by !” let’s do what we do on Fridays, talk about the week, the day, the big world, our little worlds, and what’s going on– it’s free chat, so anything goes within reason or frankly, without reason too, ….. What’s on your mind, News Viewers?