Liveblog - Trump heads to NC to rally for Rep. Dan Bishop

Trump will hold a rally in North Carolina to help Rep. Dan Bishop win his special election. Bishop is running against Democrat Dan McCready for NC North Carolina’s 9th District; a district Trump won by 11 points in 2016. 

Currently, the race remains extremely close with no candidate able to predict victory. However, Bishop thinks Trump’s presence in the state will solidify a win for him.

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North Carolina’s special election resulted from allegations of election fraud in 21018 committed by Republican candidate Mark Harris’ campaign.

News View will post Live Updates on the rally and any other developments that may occur before or after the event.

The liveblog has ended.
  • Repeating a lie does not make it true.



  • Uh, oh—not a bigly rally. Get out the Sharpies.



  • Another repeat that more than likely NEVER happened.



  • More tariff lies:


  • Someone needs to have a little talk with the Palins

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