Europe: Poll finds Dutch Nationalist Party in Sharp Decline

Infighting and divisions at nationalist party Forum voor Democratie (Forum for Democracy) have cost the new grouping major support, according to a string of opinion polls.

An election poster in Friesland featuring Forum and Labour (Partij van de Arbeid)

A new poll by Maurice de Hond on Sunday said the party would win 14 seats in the 150-seat Dutch parliament if there was a general election tomorrow. That is half the total recorded in the spring, when the party emerged as the biggest in the regional election vote.

The new De Hond poll gives the ruling VVD 28 seats (19%), down five on its current total in parliament but an improved performance on earlier this year. The Labour party continues to rise and would now take 19 seats, or around 13% of the vote. The Christian Democrats are on 16 seats in the De Hond poll.

Full story at Dutch News

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