Israel Election Results

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Although the race is neck and neck between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his challenger Benny Gantz, it appears PM Netanyahu has failed “to win enough seats (61) to form a coalition government with his ‘natural partners’ on the right.

Times of Israel:

Early Wednesday morning, Netanyahu refused to concede defeat and vowed to form a new government that excludes Arab parties.

“In the coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong Zionist government and to prevent a dangerous anti-Zionist government,” he said. He claimed that Arab parties “negate the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state” and “glorify bloodthirsty murderers.”

Translation: War to the last minute. Every voice sets. Get out to vote for illness. Bring everyone you can to the ballot box. We will lose if you do not wake up. There’s one more hour. You must pay!

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