Why Trump Will Survive Even This…


Donald Trump, Evan Vucci/AP Photo

Nobody is going to hold Donald Trump accountable for his alleged Ukrainian shenanigans because—as we’ve seen in his career and the first 32 months of his presidency—he’s too good at deflecting investigators, irate Democrats and pesky reporters. 

To begin with, Trump suffers no shame when confronted with the outrages of his personal, professional and political lives. A normal fellow would blush crimson if caught paying a porn actress hush money after purportedly having sex with her. He’d cringe if confronted with the lascivious things he’d repeatedly said about his eldest daughter. He’d wear a mask to avoid being recognized if 17 women had accused him of sexual misbehavior. He would leave politics if captured on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women. ……But not Trump.

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