Ukraine President Zelensky: “I don’t want to be involved to democratic elections of USA.”

A very defensive and irritated Trump held a mini-presser with Ukraine President Zelensky at the United Nations Summit. He touted the United States’ bigly economy, slammed both President Obama and SoS Hillary Clinton, accused Joe Biden of corruption, and defended Putin.

For some reason, Trump does not hold Putin responsible for invading Crimea; he blames Obama:

On camera, Trump suggested Zelensky continue to investigate corruption in the Ukraine then brings up Hunter Biden

To deflect from Speaker Pelosi’s announcement to initiate formal impeachment proceedings, Trump pivots to gun legislation and accuses the Speaker of unwillingness to talk about any gun control measures.

Shocking to no one, Trump lied. The House passed gun legislation earlier this year. The Senate has not taken a vote on it.

The most stunning and memorable moment of the presser was the look on President Zelensky’s face when Trump suggested to him that he and Putin get together and work things out.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy told reporters that he did not feel pressured by Trump to investigate Joe Biden.

“I think you read everything,” the Ukrainian president said, referencing the White House memo on his phone call with Trump. 

With the assistance of a translator, Zelenskiy added, “I don’t want to be involved [in the] democratic, open elections of USA.”

He said his July conversation with Trump was “normal” and they discussed “many things.” “Nobody pushed me,” the Ukrainian leader said.

The Guardian:

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