Free Chat Friday, Week 39

After watching the hearing yesterday of the House Intelligence Committee for the Acting Director of National Intelligence, who could blame me if I woke up this morning with prison songs on my mind. . . .? Why, you may ask? ….. Because, and it’s no surprise, that we’ve got law breakers in the White House, on the White House, around the White House and even under the White House……. Maybe I should post “Nowhere to Run” because for Donald Trump, after yesterday, D.C. just got a lot more. . . . claustrophobic…… ⚖

Happy Friday, News Viewers, and WHAT a day. . . . ‼️ We heard yesterday more about the criminality in this administration and speed at which we’re learning how truly far we’ve fallen.

Let’s talk about it, like we do, during our Free Chat–what’s on your mind? Anything goes within reason OR without reason 😁 and if you’re sick to death of the politics of the day, fill us in on what’s happening in your neck of the woods. . . . . .


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