Trump imposes tariffs on French wine, Scottish whiskey and of all things, Italian cheese

Unless you can make your own Gorgonzola, Parmigiano-Reggiano, (the area of Italy ,which produces this hard, delicious cheese), Provolone, Romano, or other delightful Italian formaggio, thank Trump and his Tariff War because you’re about to get hosed, again, when you visit your local Italian deli.

Not only has the Trump administration slapped a 25% tariff on the above items, but if you also eat salumi, European cookies, butter, Italian fruits, clams, and yoghurt you will also pay more for these delectables “as early as Oct. 18.”

The Trump administration didn’t stop there. They also added “German camera parts, United Kingdom-made sweaters, pullovers, cashmere items, and wool clothing, as well as olives from France, Germany and Spain, EU-produced pork sausage and other pork products other than ham, and German coffee.

Greek olive oil appears exempt, but not Italian. Trump sure stepped in it now since the Mafia has their “black hands” all over Italian olive oil. They might not be ‘delighted’ about this recent development.


Pompeo didn’t understand the message:

The biggest single tariff imposed is a 10% levy on EU-made airplanes, a levy that could hurt U.S. airlines that have ordered billions of dollars of Airbus (AIR.PA) aircraft.

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