Last Call 10-12-19

Day 996 of the Trump administration and it looks inevitable the House will impeach him. Too bad there aren’t more Patriots in the Senate who would put our country over their party and remove him from office.

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Fun Facts:

  • 1492 Christopher Columbus made landfall in what is now the Bahamas. Columbus and his ships landed on an island that the native Lucayan Taino people called Guanahani. Columbus re-named it San Salvador. 
  • 1892 US Pledge of Allegiance first recited in public schools during Columbus Day

Sports History:

Music History:

  • 1955 – The Chrysler Corporation introduces high fidelity record players for their 1956 line-up of cars. The unit measured about four inches high and less than a foot wide and mounted under the instrument panel. The seven inch discs spun at 16 2/3 rpm and required almost three times the number of grooves per inch as an LP. A set of 35 classical recordings were available that provided between 45 and 60 minutes of uninterrupted music. The players would be discontinued in 1961. 
  • 1956-A motion picture called Don’t Knock The Rock, featuring Little Richard and Bill Haley And His Comets, opens in US theatres. The movie tells the story of a disc jockey, Alan Freed, who tries to prove to teenagers’ parents that Rock ‘n’ Roll is harmless and won’t turn their kids into juvenile delinquents. 
  • 1969-Russ Gibb, a DJ at WKNR in Detroit, takes a call from a listener who tells him that if you play The Beatles song “Revolution 9” backwards, a voice says, “Turn me on, dead man.” Gibb plays the record in reverse on the air, and the phone lines light up with astonished listeners offering more clues as to why Paul McCartney might be dead. For about a week, Gibb entertains a stream of rumors on the show, as ratings explode and the story goes national. Other clues include a voice at the end of “Strawberry Fields Forever” that says “I Buried Paul” (actually John Lennon saying “Cranberry Sauce”) and the cover of the Sgt. Pepperalbum, where Paul is wearing an armband that says “OPD” – “Officially Pronounced Dead.”


  • 1972-The movie Lady Sings The Blues, a musical biopic of singer Billie Holiday that launches the movie career of star Diana Ross, opens in theaters.
  • 1978 – Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend of former Sex Pistol, Sid Vicious, is found dead of abdominal knife wounds in their room at Chelsea Hotel in New York. Vicious, nearly unconscious due to the effects of several different drugs, is charged with her murder, jailed and then released. He would die of a heroin overdose before the case ever comes to trial.


And another:

And while all this happened, today Trump speaks to a Hate Group:

Who will be Trump' running mate?

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