Helicopter parents and bulldozer parents are bad for everyone — including parents

Reclaiming the Parenting Role

Helicopter Parents

If you’re like many parents, sometime in the last month or so you gave up the better part of a weekday evening to attend back-to-school night. Perhaps you stuffed your body awkwardly into a tiny chair made for second-graders while obediently writing down field trip dates. Maybe you leaned forward eagerly as you learned about the new grading system your sixth-grader faces, seeking reassurance your child won’t be overwhelmed in this unfamiliar system.

Or maybe, like me, you sat in a 10th-grade classroom zoning out as the teacher shared details about an online “parent portal” you know you’ll never check, half-listening to the same questions that whizzed by when your older two children were in this grade — queries about retest policies and weighted GPAs and extra credit. And perhaps, like me, you thought to yourself: “Why are we still doing this?

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