Liveblog - Impeachment Updates: 10/22/19

A new poll conducted by CNN and SSRS shows support for impeaching and removing Trump from office grows:


Trump has referred to his own impeachment inquiry as a ‘lynching.’

When asked by a reporter yesterday about his impending impeachment, Trump responded: “the Democrats ‘want to impeach me, because it is the only way they’re gonna win.’

‘The president of the United States should be allowed to run the country, not have to focus on this kind of crap,'” he said.

Testimony today focuses on Bill Taylor:

Bill Taylor, currently the top official at the US Embassy in Ukraine, will get his moment before congressional investigators Tuesday. Taylor was one of the officials whose text messages were released by House Democrats earlier this month. His explanation for why he said he felt the US was trading foreign aid to Ukraine for political favors to the President could be a key piece of evidence for House investigators.


And something new and could be used to compel officials to testify:

House Democrats are threatening to force Trump administration officials’ compliance with their impeachment inquiry by targeting something they hold dear: their paychecks.

Democrats have twice referenced using an obscure provision in the annual Financial Services spending bill, referred to as Section 713, that says any federal employee who “prohibits or prevents, or attempts or threatens to prohibit or prevent” another official from communicating with lawmakers shouldn’t be paid during that time.


NBC News exclusive reporting reveals House Dems are focusing their framework for the impeachment case against Trump on abuse of power with his actions related to Ukraine.

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  • Damning Testimony

    The senior U.S. diplomat in Ukraine told lawmakers Tuesday that President Trump made the release of military aid contingent on public declarations from Ukraine that it would investigate the Bidens and the 2016 election, contradicting Trump’s denial that he used the money as leverage for political gain.



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  • Inauguration, Impeachment and Lynching: Strange Fruit

    Regarding Trump, lynching and impeachment:

    After Rebecca Ferguson made her song choice requirement known, the announcement was made that she would no longer be performing at the Inauguration.  Strange fruit is a blues song recorded by Billie Holiday, said to be about lynching.

  • Do Americans Support Impeachment?



    From FiveThirtyEight:

    “In addition to tracking the polling averages for and against impeachment among all Americans, we are also keeping tabs on how opinion breaks down by party. As you can see below, Democrats are strongly in favor of impeachment, Republicans are strongly opposed and independents hover somewhere in between.”


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