Halloween 2019: The 20 Best Horror-Movie Sequels

From Rolling Stone, Oct. 17, 2019: Occasionally, a horror-movie series can produce a sequel, threequel, or prequel that mines exciting new territory, pushes its mythology to bold new places and, on rare occasions, be equal or superior to the original. Just because Freddy, Jason, Godzilla, or your run-of-the-mill xenomorph has a movie or two under their respective belts also doesn’t mean that there aren’t more horny teens to stab, razor-sharp puns to be delivered and genuine oh-my-god shocks to be had.

So after countless, bleary-eyed hours perusing old (and hopefully not will-kill-you-seven-days-after-you-watch) videotapes and DVDs, we’ve picked the top 20 horror-movie sequels of all time. These were the Part II’s and beyond that kept the fun and the scares going.

See the list and clips from Rolling Stone:

Illustration by Brittany Falussy

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