The House will vote on a resolution outlining the next phase of their impeachment inquiry

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Thursday, the House will vote on a resolution formally laying out the next steps and procedures of their impeachment inquiry into Trump.

What does this all mean?

If the resolution passes, the Democratic Party will now move the process from closed-door depositions of key witnesses to public hearings to make the case to the American people for Trump’s impeachment.

More than likely, the resolution will pass; however, three Democrats do not support the Impeachment Inquiry.

Republicans will get to participate in the process by doing the following:

  • The leading Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, will have the opportunity of questioning witnesses utilizing the same amount of time as his Democratic counterpart, Chairman Adam Schiff.
  • Republicans can subpoena witnesses on behalf of Trump but, committee Democrats can “vote those recommendations down with a committee vote.” In other words, the Democratic Party can prevent the hearings from becoming a clown show/circus.
Trump gets tons more ‘Due Process’ compared to the last two presidents who either faced impeachment or were impeached.

Below is a recap of what has transpired during the first phase of the Impeachment Inquiry and what brought us here today.

Thursday, our lovely Rachel will host a Live Discussion on the House vote. Please join her and show your support for the second phase of the inquiry and advancing towards impeaching Donald J. Trump.

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