Trump Jr. Wishes He Could ‘Make Millions Off of My Father’s Presidency’

Had Jr. said what he did elsewhere, he might have been taken to task. Fortunately for Jr., the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION, chose a safe space, Fox ‘News’ Hannity to spew his nonsense.

“I wish my name was Hunter Biden,” the president’s eldest son said without a hint of irony. “I could go abroad, make millions off of my father’s presidency—I’d be a really rich guy! It would be incredible!”

Jr. also repeated the claim that “Hunter Biden took money from China while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president.” Like his father, he provided no evidence to support his claim.

According to The Hill, Jr. raked in $50,000 for a fifteen minute speech he gave at the University of Florida earlier this month. Jr also serves as the VP of the Trump Organization. He landed in his current position after his father became the worst president ever the 45th president of the United States. But, he wishes he could make millions off of his father’s presidency.

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