And another Democratic contender may join the race: Deval Patrick

According to two people familiar with the matter, former governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick may make a late entry into the 2020 presidential race.

The New York Times reported Patrick doesn’t believe any of the current candidates have shown “political momentum” and an opportunity exists for someone to try to unite the liberal and moderate wings of the Democratic Party.

“If he is to compete in New Hampshire, Mr. Patrick would have to file there this week: The deadline to appear on the state’s ballot is Friday.”

Apparently, Gov. Deval and Senator Elizabeth Warren share a close relationship. Senator Warren even said she would consider having Gov. Deval in her cabinet if she became president.

Patrick, the first black governor of Massachusetts, served from 2007 to 2015, and is a close friend and ally of former president Barack Obama who supported Obama during his presidential campaign.

During his tenure as governor, Patrick secured reforms in transportation, education, and ethics; launched initiatives that stimulated the clean energy and biotechnology industries; and legalized casinos. However, he also was besieged by management problems in health care, child welfare, and unemployment benefits that bruised the faith in government he was determined to restore.

The Boston Globe:

Currently, Patrick serves as managing director at Bain Capital, which could prove problematic for many in the Democratic Party’s base. He has also worked for “Texaco, Coca-Cola, and other corporate giants.”

Patrick’s family life may also weigh on him if he decides to run. His wife, Diane, was hospitalized for depression in 2007, as she reeled from the unrelenting pressure of his first run for governor.

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