Don Blankenship will run for president as Constitution Party candidate

Former coal executive Don Blankenship on Monday announced he will make a 2020 White House bid as a Constitution Party candidate. 

Blankenship, who unsuccessfully ran a third-party bid for Senate in West Virginia in 2018, took aim at President Trump in his 2020 announcement, saying the president’s ego prevents him from getting stuff done.

The Hill:

From his campaign homepage:

  • He chose Veterans Day to make his announcement to recognize our Vets.
  • Don chose the Constitution Party because “it is dedicated to protecting those Human Rights which so many Veterans made the ultimate sacrifice to defend.”
  • He will attempt to become “the first person ever to become an occupant of the White House after having been in the ‘big house.’  Don spent a year in Taft Federal prison after being falsely convicted of a misdemeanor.”
    • Convicted after a mine explosion took the lives of 29 people.
    • Claims prosecutorial misconduct.
    • Blames government regulators for the explosion and it’s a big cover-up. His new book will expose all this in greater detail. 🙄
  • Don ran for the Republican Party nomination for a West Virginia U.S. Senate Seat last year but lost; he blames Mitch McConnell whom he calls, ‘Cocaine Mitch.’
  • Labels the press, “Pinocchio Press.” ( Perhaps, because “Fake News” has been done to death?)
  • This Don claims the other Don (Trump) broke his promise that he would Make America Great Again. This Don really and truly will MAGA the hell out of the US.
    • President Trump means well, but he simply cannot get it done because he is too busy mending his self-inflicted wounds and tripping over his ego. ” 

Read the rest from the links above; I’m over this guy.

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