Fired Texas teacher who tweeted to Trump to ‘remove’ immigrants wins her appeal

Texas state agency ruled the teacher exercised her Free Speech.

Back in May, Georgia Clark, a former high school English teacher in Fort Worth, posted a series of tweets asking Trump to remove undocumented students from her school. At the time Ms. Clarke posted her bigoted tweets, she told The Washington Post she believed her tweets weren’t public but a private conversation with Trump.

In June, the school board moved to fire Ms. Clark  saying the public outcry from parents, students and members of the local community over her conduct in class and on social media “caused substantial disruptions in operations at the campus.”

The New York Times:

On Monday, the Texas Education Commissioner ruled the district should reinstate Ms. Clark or pay her a year’s salary. The district said it will appeal the ruling:

“We stand by our decision because we firmly believe this is in the best interests of all students,” Kent P. Scribner, the superintendent of the school district, said in a statement this week. Efforts to reach Ms. Clark, who has worked at the school district since 1998, were unsuccessful.

Interview from September:

Besides Ms. Clarke’s bigoted tweets, she has also done the following:

  • Blamed an assistant principal, whom she referred to as a “Hispanic assistant principal who protects certain students from criminal prosecution.”
  • Accused of asking for a student’s “papers” to go to the restroom

The city of Fort Worth has one of the nation’s highest Hispanic populations: Almost 35 percent of its residents identified as Hispanic or Latino in 2018.

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