Miami Megachurch will host ‘Evangelicals for Trump rollout’ rally

Apostle Maldonado speaks in tongues and performs "miracles."

After Christianity Today wrote an opinion calling for Trump’s impeachment and removal, the Trump campaign announced on Friday it will hold a bigly rally at one of Miami’s finest megachurch.

Trump’s planned Jan. 3 Evangelicals for Trump rollout will take place at King Jesus International Ministry. The church is led by “a pastor known for speaking in tongues and performing what he says are ‘miracles.’”

The West Kendall church is believed to be one of the largest Hispanic congregations in the country and regularly draws thousands to its dramatic services. Led in English and Spanish by founder Guillermo Maldonado — who goes by the title of apostle — it is the flagship of a chain of 10 affiliated campuses from Chicago to Homestead and has its own broadcasting network, university and an outdoor pool for full-immersion baptisms.
Miami Herald:

Meet the preacher:

  • He prefers to be called, ‘apostle.’ 
  • ‘Apostle’ Maldonado hails from Honduras. His wife, Ana Maldonado hails from Columbia. She prefers to be called, ‘prophet.’
  • ‘Apostle’ Maldonado claimed to raise people from the dead.
  • “In some services, Maldonado describes the opening of a “portal” from which the holy spirit heals the faithful.”


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