Senator Lisa Murkowski Rebukes Everyone

Except Lisa Murkowski

Lisa Murkowski announced she would vote to acquit Trump in the impeachment trial, but she also had words for the IMPOTUS, Democrats, Republicans, and the media.

“The president’s behavior was shameful and wrong. His personal interests do not take precedent over those of this great nation,” Murkowski declared…

Murkowski also attacked Democrats, saying they rushed through the process to meet a deadline instead of overcoming resistance from the IMPOTUS through the courts.

Then she shamed the Senate for blatant partisanship and hyprocrisy, and Republicans for rushing to dismiss the charges before hearing any of the arguments.

She blamed the “careless media” for gleefully putting out fires with gasoline.

She said the IMPOTUS degraded the office with his actions and name-calling.

She said there would be no fair trial in a court because the court of public opinion had already decided the outcome.

With a broad-brush criticism of both political parties, Murkowski spoke of their “apparent willingness…to destroy not just each other, but all of the institutions of our government. And for what? Because it may help win an election?”

Murkowski spoke on the Senate floor for approximately 11 minutes. The chamber was nearly empty.

See Reuters.

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