Wing Nut Watch: MAGAt cop apologizes for Facebook post calling for roadside bombing Nancy Pelosi and other ‘Dumbocrats’

Speaker Pelosi triggered the assistant police chief of Geraldine, Alabama, Jeff Buckles, after she tore up Trump’s pages of lies State of the Union speech. He then took to Facebook and posted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi other Democrats should get nailed by a roadside bomb.

Before apologizing for “venting on FB,” and saying his remarks “definitely offended” some people,” Buckles posted the following, typical MAGAt hate and violence:

In an earlier Facebook post, MAGAt Buckles claimed that Trump was sent to “bring about prophecy.”

The MAGAt’s apology:

Geraldine Mayor Chuck Ables on Thursday evening said he and police Chief Heath Albright are still gathering information and will meet with the town’s attorney on Friday to decide what to do in response to Buckles’ post. The mayor declined to share his reaction to the assistant chief’s Facebook post.

Buckles wasn’t at work on Thursday and will also be off Friday, Ables said. The assistant chief has not been suspended, the mayor said, rather both off days were already scheduled before Buckles made the Facebook post.

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