MAGAts whines about Trump’s plan to build his Stupid Wall on their land; ‘it’s gonna ruin my lifestyle’

Below, are quotes from John Burnett’s interview with several Trump supporters directly affected by Trump’s Stupid Wall. For more details, please listen to the audio clip from NPR or visit their site.

Back in 2008, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, working with the University of Texas at Brownsville, built a security fence on the southern edge of the campus that effectively walled off the popular golf course from the rest of the city.

  • Juliet García, the former university president who greatly supported the security fence:

“What used to be a very active place, very friendly place, for students and for our golf team and for winter Texans has become a deserted, sad, desolate no man’s land.

None of us come over here. You don’t feel protected in any part of the land that is south of the wall.”

  • Jeremy Barnard is part owner of River Bend Resort & Golf Club, located just west of Brownsville. Although Trump’s Stupid Wall will ‘kill his project,’ Barnard remains a loyal MAGAt.

“A 30-foot wall through the middle of the property completely kills our project. The problem with that is 70% of our property is south of the levee.

I’ve got friends that disagree with me and they say, ‘How could you vote for this man? His wall wants to tear apart your community. ‘The main thing I tell them is, ‘Look, the thought that I’m gonna agree with somebody a hundred percent of the time, especially a politician, is just outrageous.’ But I do agree with what he’s trying to do as far as securing the border. I just have an issue with the blanket — let’s build a wall everywhere.”

  • Meet 70 year old farmer, Richard Drawe. Richard has farmed his land all of his life but the plan to put a Stupid Wall on it will ‘disturb his lifestyle.’

“I’m 70 years old and it’s gonna ruin my lifestyle here of living in the country. To have that wall there is just gonna really disturb me.”

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